Instagram - October Round Up

October! We've mainly been busy with our Alexander McQueen inspired coat DIY but there's a few other things going on at the same time.  Check them out: 

From top left going across the rows:
1. Not a DIY but a funky little necklace we just had to share.
2. The start of our Tom Binns inspired DIY necklace.  We'll be blogging the finished project in the coming weeks.
3. The toile for out Alexander McQueen inspired winter coat DIY using McCall's M6800 sewing pattern.
4. Cutting out the fabric for out McQueen inspired M6800 coat DIY, it took 5 metres of fabric and a few hours of cutting!
5. The bold and beautiful lining fabric for our McQueen inspired M6800 coat.
6. Hair chalks, the non permanent way to DIY your hair.  A little messy to put in but well worth it if you can't commit to a permanent colour.
7. Charity Shop Haul, three new dresses for work for under £20. Yay.
8. The construction of our McQueen inspired winter coat.
9. Halfway through the DIY of our McQueen coat. What do you think so far?
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F*2DIY4 x
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