Tutorial: How to fix your dried up gel eyeliner

Hands up who's excitedly bought a gel eyeliner after rave reviews which is now kicking about in the bottom of your makeup bag after it dried up and flaky?
Well all is not lost, it's actually really easy to bring your solid eyeliner back to a smooth spreadable solution.
You will need:
Your dried up eyeliner
Eyewash solution or contact lense solution
A mixing stick/Bobby pin (sterilised with boiling water)
1. Take your gel eyeliner and using your stick make a few holes in the dried up gel.
2. Add a few drops of whatever solution you have. I used some eyewash that I had in my medicine cupboard. DO NOT use water, it has all sorts of things in it that aren't good for your eyes - if you wear contact lenses you will probably have had this warning from your optometrist. Basically it's not sterile.

Start with just a few drops - I used 5
 3. Now mix together. This takes some time as the liquid will sit on top of the gel instead of just absorbing into it but persevere.
4. Test your eyeliner.
5. Keep adding a few more drops at a time and mixing until you get a consistency you like.  In the end I used 15 drops to get my gel eyeliner back to a usable state.

The line closest to my wrist is what I could just about manage to get the dried up eyeliner to do. Then I did a test line after every 5 drops and you can see how much better the final line is!  So go and fix your old eyeliner and save yourself some money :)
Please please please make sure whatever solution you use is safe for your eyes! You've only get one pair and they're delicate. An eyewash is suitable for your eyes (obviously) and I chose one suitable for use with contact lenses as they're generally gentler on eyes.

Love F*2DIY4 x
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