DIY: Honey Oat Body Scrub

At this time of year it's not unusual to start (or at least plan to start) taking better care of ourselves.  Weight loss, healthy eating and diet plans are all common New Years resolutions. But what about taking care of the outside of your body and removing all the crap that you come into contact with everyday? After all your skin is the biggest organ in your body!
Your store bought health and beauty products are packed with chemicals and compounds. Why not try a more natural approach to your outside as well as your inside?  We've been testing out some all natural DIY beauty remedies over the past couple of weeks and will be sharing the best recipes from our trial.
And to start you off here's a super quick and easy nourishing body scrub that you can make from items that you'll probably already have in you kitchen!
Honey Oat Body Scrub

1 Cup coconut milk
1/2 Cup lightly ground rolled oats
1 tbsp honey
To make: Simply mix all ingredients together into a paste and you're ready to go.

To use: Take into the shower with you and rub all over dampened skin.  Leave to sit for a few minutes as the shower steams your skin.  Rinse off.

This recipe should make enough for 3-4 uses. Store in an air tight container in the fridge between uses.

All three ingredients are great natural moisturizers and oats also act as a gentle yet effective exfoliator.  In fact, oats also have anti-inflammatory properties and contain natural cleansers so they're pretty fantastic without a chemical in sight! Perfect :)

Let us know how you get on with your natural body scrub and we'll have more natural beauty DIY's on the way.

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