Pattern Matching: Kate Moss Topshop dress

Okay, so this dress is almost 10 years late (where has that 10 years gone!) but in 2007 Kate Moss released this gorgeous little black dress as part of one of her first Topshop collaborations.  I desperately wanted one at the time but as a student couldn't justify the expense (they're now around £60 second hand on ebay, so haven't lost their appeal with age).   It's the caged or harness style neckline that really makes this dress - so simple and chic.  Like a lot of her collections it's clearly based on a dress she'd worn when younger (see gratuitous Johnny Depp picture below) which she must have loved to then duplicate the design.  See even models make copies of clothes!  I came across this New Look NL6429 pattern (on sale at Jaycotts as well) and it's almost a perfect dupe, it wouldn't be too hard to make the neck 'straps' slimmer and move the placement of the middle one to allow for four straps rather than the three. 

Anyone going to give this a go, it's too good a match to ignore.....?


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