Instagram - July Round Up

Here's a quick look at the highlights from our Instagram account for this month. Enjoy:

From top left going across the rows:
1. Tracing By Hand London 'Georgia' dress. Pattern tracing can seem time consuming and boring but it's very important:
2. Half way through the construction of the 'Georgia' dress.
3. Got a bit carried away ordering fabric samples for an evening gown. Follow our progress over the next couple of weeks!
4. Our finished Purple Polka Dot By Hand London 'Georgia' dress! See what we thought of the pattern in our Pattern Review feature:
5. Our quick and easy Kimono Cover Up. Make your own for the hot summer weather with our tutorial:
6. From all of those fabric samples we've chosen to use turquoise lace with a nude underlay for our fishtail evening gown. Can't wait to share the project with you!
7. Our gorgeous Crystal Skull Bing Ring. We'll post a tutorial so you can make your own statement ring in the next week.
8. We love tartan! But patterned fabric can be a pain to work with. The best way to make sure your pattern will be symmetrical is to cut one piece and use that as the template for the second piece, matching the pattern of your fabric.
9. The first of two By Hand London 'Georgia' pattern dress hacks we're working on. This one includes piping, which is always a good idea :)

Come join us on Instagram: fashiontodiyfor or use the tag #fashionDIY so we can find your makes :)

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