June Round Up

As we're new to Instagram we thought we'd give you a quick round up of our first proper month using it by showing you a few highlights:

From top left going across the rows:
1. Charity and thrift shop haul.  Charity shops are very useful in the fashion DIY world, there's loads of bargains to be found and great bases for you to use in DIY projects!
2. A little added extra to a French manicure. Ooo la la.
3. One of our Skull and Bead rings in all its glory. You can make your own with our tutorial.
4. The coolest bottle opener ever.
5. Skulls. Skulls. Skulls.
6. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
7. Finished DIY denim jacket. What do you think?
8. This is the wonderful Sheffield Tap - a bar at Sheffield train station.  It really is the only way to await a train!
9. Coffee for one. And a beautiful Pip Studio mug (previously found in a charity shop for 50p!)

Come join us on Instagram: fashiontodiyfor or use the tag #fashiondiy so we can find your makes :)

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