DIY: Denim Jacket

This is a very simple DIY and as such we don't need to put together too detailed a tutorial. The key to a proper punk inspired denim jacket is to just do what you want! 
Studs: We ordered ours from eBay. There a whole array of shapes and sizes, so what you want is up to you.  There are two tools you can use when applying studs to you jacket (or any other clothes for that matter):

You use the Dart Pointed Awe Tool to make small holes in the fabric where you want the studs to go, and the Stud Prong Fold and Press Tool to bend the arms of the stud back once you've pushed it through the fabric. You can push the studs through and bend then back without these tools, but it's a lot easier and less tiring if you use these. They're essential to saving your achey hands and wrists. Trust us.
Have a play with how you want to use your studs. We alternated ours at 45° on the back of our jacket to give a different effect.  It's also important to consider spacing to make sure you don't end up with any gaps or your studs bunched up...unless that's the look your going for.
Patches: Patches patches patches. We love patches.  The best thing about them is that you can choose whatever you want. The selection you make is completely unique and important to you.  So get expressing yourself! We ordered our patches from eBay, which has almost any patch you could dream of.  You can also pick them up from 'Alternative' clothes or music shops (Blue Banana,  HMV, even Sports Direct has some on their site!)
Once you've chosen your patches take some time trying them out in different layouts on your jacket. We found it helpful to pin them in place and take a photo before moving them around again so we could easily compare different combinations.  The back of your jacket is the largest and most common place to cover, but also consider the front, sleeves, collar... anywhere really, it's your jacket!
When you're happy with the layout pin everything in place and get sewing! Best thing is this can be an on going DIY, you can add to it at anytime :)

Show us your Denim Jacket DIYs!

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